Privacy and Other Info

Genealogy Diaries is a blog about my personal experiences with genealogy research. I belong to an affiliate program through Blogger, but I do not receive any type of regular or significant compensation for running this blog. If I ever refer you to a particular book or service, I will let you know if it is an affiliate link.

I own and operate a research and writing business, but my focus is not strictly genealogy. I work on a variety of technical and professional writing projects on a regular basis. I also work in the education industry. Regardless of the type of project I might be working on, client confidentiality will always be maintained. 

I am not being paid by any company or other entity within the genealogy industry. The opinions, thoughts, and ideas that I write about on this blog are strictly my own. As I muddle through my various research endeavors, I will post articles, comments, or suggestions that I think might be of benefit to someone else who is struggling or simply having difficulty with some aspect of their research.

This blog is intended to be fun and helpful. I am not a professional genealogist, nor do I claim to be.

If you find errors in my work or simply disagree with me and feel the need to let me know about it, please do so in a respectful manner. I would show you the same courtesy.

Thanks for reading!