05 June 2013


These are the four main branches of my family tree (the paternal part of it, anyway). These families have been the main focus of my research for the past couple of years. I try to conduct research every week, but of course sometimes life just gets in the way. :-)

While I'm also still actively researching the maternal side of my family, I haven't spent as much time on that recently simply because I'm still working on gathering evidence to verify all four family lines. If you've read my previous posts about the Kendalls and Lands, you'll of course know the situation which I'm referring to. Until I feel more confident that I can verify the story that's been given to me (by people who were present at the time in question), I don't really want to spin my wheels by pursuing lines of research that may not pan out.

At this time, I can only be absolutely certain about two of my maternal lines: Hooker and Peel.

By continuing to publish information about my family, it is my hope that I'll in some way be able to help others who may be researching some of my ancestors.

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