04 January 2012

The David Stephenson Cemetery

The David Stephenson Cemetery is named for my 2nd great grand uncle. His brother, John Stephenson, was my 2nd great grandfather.

During a recent trip to Johnston County, NC, I visited the David Stephenson Cemetery. What I found was quite a shock. The cemetery is still there (technically), but the land on which it sits has apparently been sold to a developer.

The land where some of my ancestors are buried is being turned into a housing development called Brook Run. Thankfully, the graves haven't been disturbed as of yet. They are sitting in what looks to be a common area in the center of the development while houses are being built all around.

I had to trek through a rough, briar-infested field to get to the graves. It's obvious that no one is bothering to try to preserve the graves in any way, and I can only wonder how long it's going to be before the developer decides to just dig them up and dispose of them.

Here are some of the photos I took:

It is my hope that these graves will be preserved and cared for. I've already tried to contact one of the state's archaeologists, but so far I haven't received any type of response. I'm also planning to contact the Johnston County Historical Society.

As I mentioned in my last post, the destruction of family cemeteries seems to be an alarming trend in this state. I find it disturbing that there seems to be such a disregard for the remains of the dead. Sorry if I'm harping here, but this is an issue that bothers me.

As I organize my notes, photos, and documents, I'll continue to post about cemeteries in North Carolina.

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