21 October 2011

Ancestor Profiles - Mattie Virginia Temple Stephenson


Mattie Virginia Temple was my great grandmother. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to know her, but I have enjoyed getting to know at least a little bit about her through my research.

I haven't found a photo of Mattie yet, though I would love to stumble across one someday! I do know that she was born and raised in North Carolina to parents William Bennett Temple and Harriet Eleanor Johnson Temple (Harriet's name sometimes appears as Ella Harriet or Eleanor Harriet).

I'm still not entirely sure of the exact number of children that Mattie had because of some conflicting records. Based on my research, her children include the following:

  • Cyrus Judson Stephenson
  • Virginia H. Stephenson
  • Alice E. Stephenson
  • Numer Patrick Stephenson
  • Martha Valeria Stephenson
  • Margie Adrine Stephenson
  • Ruby Glenn Stephenson
Virginia H. and Numer Patrick are the two for which I haven't found much documentation. So far, I've only found their names in a couple of places (one or two early census records and one birth index), so it's possible that they died as children and I just haven't found the evidence that points to that. My genealogy to-do list just keeps growing.

I have Mattie's siblings listed as follows:

  • Delma L. Temple
  • Mary Emma Temple
  • Robert A. Temple
  • William Oscar Temple
  • James M. Temple
  • Ira L. Temple
  • George Milton Temple
  • Maton Alonzo Temple

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