18 August 2011

Looking Ahead to April 2012 - 1940 Census Records

When the 1940 census is released in April 2012, ancestry.com is planning to make the records available for free to everyone for a certain period of time. They are planning to make all of the data available through 2013, though they won't be loading all of it at one time next April.

The National Archives will have digital images available online for free. They have already provided lots of information regarding what to expect from these documents, including a list of questions that were asked on the 1940 census.

Questions include:

  • Location (street name, house number)
  • Number of people per household
    • Home owned or rented?
    • Value of home (if owned) or monthly rent payment
    • Does this household live on a farm?
  • Name of each person (whose usual place of residence was in a particular household)
  • Relationship of each listed person to the head of the household
  • Personal descriptions (sex, race, age, marital status)
  • Education (highest grade or level completed)
  • Place of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Residence as of 1 April 1935
  • Employment status (for everyone age 14 and over)
  • Occupation, industry, and class of worker
  • Income in 1939
Supplementary Questions:
  • Place of birth of mother and father
  • Native language
  • Veteran status (United States military)
  • Social security information (does each person have a social security card, for example)
  • For all women who are or have been married:
    • Has this woman been married more than once?
    • Age at first marriage
    • Number of children ever born (but don't include stillbirths)

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