23 June 2011

When Birth Certificate Information is Incorrect

In a recent post, I mentioned that I'd discovered some rather startling information pertaining to my maternal line. By talking to two of my cousins, I found out that my maternal grandfather is not the person I'd believed him to be. Even though William C. Kendall is listed as the father on my mother's birth certificate, he was not actually her father.

Her real father's name was Woodrow L. Land. Since both of my maternal grandparents are dead (as is William C. Kendall), I don't really have a lot of options in terms of trying to obtain some kind of proof. As a genealogy enthusiast, I consider it important to be able to add some type of documentation to my research in order to back up this claim.

While I do not have anything in writing, I do have a photograph of my maternal grandmother and grandfather together. It was taken approximately one year before my mother was born.

Through my conversations with my two cousins, I have learned about the circumstances surrounding my mother's birth. Only one of those conversations actually qualifies as first-hand knowledge because this particular cousin was present at the time of these occurrences. I have made note of our conversations simply for the purpose of adding first-hand knowledge to my family tree for this change in circumstances.

I'm still working on trying to come up with some additional verification.

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