02 June 2011

James H. Peel

James H. Peel was my 2nd great grandfather. While I've found many notes about his middle name (it is widely believed that it was "Harrison"), I have yet to find any type of official documentation to confirm that. 

I find it interesting that I haven't been able to find much information about his parents. In fact, I'm not 100% sure that the names I have on record are correct. To the best of my knowledge, his parents' names were Jesse and Priscilla, but the only documentation I have to reflect this is James H.'s marriage license, and frankly his father's name is difficult to read. In fact, the longer I stare at that marriage license, the more convinced I become that "Jesse" is not the name listed (this whole process becomes a bit maddening after a while).

Based on the information I have, he was born 15 October 1808 in North Carolina (probably Surry County). He was married to two different women (not at the same time, of course). Wife number one: Mary Polly Gillaspy (or Gillespie). Wife number two: Ana Catharine Bennett (my 2nd great grandmother).

If the information I have is accurate, James and Mary had 7 children; James and Ana Catharine also had 7.

James and Mary's children: Hillary, Sarah, Alexander, Elizabeth, Eli, Martha, Minerva.

James and Ana Catharine's children: James, Eliza, George, Rosa, Susan, Lucy, Mary Jane.

James H. Peel has long been on my genealogy "to-do" list, but I haven't done nearly as much research on him as I would like. His name has recently been pushed up my list a bit simply because I have a fellow genealogy enthusiast inquiring about him. I always like to help other people by providing them with any information I happen to have, and the sheer lack of data that I have about this man has me intrigued.

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