29 March 2011

Tar Heel Tuesday - Yancey County

Yancey County was established in 1833 from parts of Buncombe and Burke Counties. It was named in honor of Bartlett Yancey, a United States Congressman from 1813-1817 and a member of the North Carolina Senate from 1817-1827.

If you need to conduct genealogy research in Yancey County, the Register of Deeds office maintains the following records:

  • Birth Certificates (1913 - present)
  • Delayed Birth Certificates (1913 - present)
  • Death Certificates (1913 - present)
  • Marriage Records (1859 - present)
Keep in mind that the state of North Carolina only officially began issuing birth certificates in 1913 (this is also the same year that they began recording Death Certificates).

If you're searching for wills in Yancey County, you will need to check with the Yancey County Clerk of Court. The clerk's book should contain probate information such as executor, witnesses, and probate dates.

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