25 March 2011

I Visited the NC Archives, but. . . .

I'm providing a follow up to my last post about William C. Kendall. I did visit the NC State Archives in Raleigh; unfortunately, it didn't prove to be very helpful.

First of all, I must say that the two ladies who initially helped me in the genealogy room on the mezzanine were super nice and very willing to help. The downside (for me, at least) was that they direct you to a computer where you can access ancestry.com. Since I already have a full subscription to that site and have researched William C. Kendall tirelessly, that research option wasn't particularly beneficial for me. If you have no luck in the genealogy room, they send you upstairs to the archives on the second floor.

There is, of course, a security process that you have to go through before you can access the room (understandable), and the people who work in the archives are willing to answer your questions and help you to locate specific sources. The catch here is that you have GOT to know what county you need to search; otherwise, you'll spend hours searching through records for every county in the state.

Needless to say, I didn't have that kind of time. I can't imagine that anyone would. I searched microfilm for a few counties (looking for a marriage record), but I came up empty. I'm certainly not giving up, but my research endeavors for William C. Kendall are obviously going to continue for quite some time.

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